Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fishing Trip, Marine Corpes Birthday Ball, Aquarium, and more....

We have had such a great few weeks. My parents came last Friday and stayed until Tuesday to watch the girls during the ball. Steven and I went to Atlantic beach and stayed at the Sheraton for the Marine Corpes Birthday Ball. We had such a wonderful time, it was like a late anniversary present for us, since we were never able to celebrate our five year anniversary. Happy Birthday USMC! I borrowed a dress from a friend and felt sooo much better than two years ago when I was much heavier sucked into a too small dress! :)

div>We went to the life and science museum in Duram, NC and had a great time. It had a science museum, imagination play area, petting zoo, butterfly garden, music park, and train ride. I would highly recommend it for families. Gracie and Emma had a great time.....Gracie especially loved the butterfly garden, she kept pretending to fly like a butterfly the whole time. Super cute. The weather was awesome, super warm, and the trees were beautiful. Here are some cute pictures from the day.

Steven had a super long weekend, with the USMC birthday and veteran's day, so we went to the NC aquarium. The girls had a blast with their PaPa and MeMe to play with. Mom and Dad aren't as fun as grandparents. :)

This picture is hilarious. Gracie was refusing to take pictures and just closed her eyes and went limp....Way to go ruining the pictures, Gracie!

We were looking in this huge two story aquarium and next thing we know, Gracie is on the floor pretending to be a fish.

Papa and Emma.
Gracie kept saying, "Scary Snake" over and over as she was looking at the snakes at the museum.
Sweet baby friends.

Gracie caught her first fish....with Daddy and PaPa's help.

Daddy and Papa are trying hard to make this prissy princess a fisherwoman.