Saturday, January 11, 2014

Holidays 2013

 Happy 6th Birthday sweet Emma Claire!  We had a fun Christmas Sleepover, complete with a North Pole Breakfast with Jolly entering!  All of the girls wore Christmas PJ's...we ate pizza, decorated Christmas Cookies, and watched a Christmas movie.  My sweet girl was the first one asleep, but they all crashed around 10 pm! So much fun!

 HMLAT-303 complete with Santa flying in on a helicopter!  They had Christmas music, bounce houses, hot donuts, smoothies, lattes, and big lunch! Also Santa gave all the kiddos presents, Abby got a stuffed elephant which she immediatly threw across the room. (She hates stuffed animals) We gave it back to Santa so he could give it to someone else! 
 Fun times with great NC friends now living in Socal with us!  Together we have 13 kiddos....they had so much fun too!
 My sweet girls outside of our church, North Coast, military Christmas brunch! So much fun! I won a gift basket!
 Our first boat parade at the Oceanside Harbor!  It was so much fun to see all the boats lit up for Christmas!  Next year we will walk!
 Amazing EFMP Christmas party....Look at these awesome gifts the kids got!  So blessed to be apart of an organization that helps Special Needs families!  And we won a $50 visa gift card!
 This is the best Santa ever!  We randomly stopped at a restaurant on our way to Riverside, there was no wait, and he promised the girls he would bring them a book signed by Santa....and he did it! :)
 Hiking in Riverside with some highschool friends, so awesome to connect with friends and family during the holidays!
 Christmas Eve hiking in Escondido...It was 75 degrees, and my girls hiked 3 miles! Whooohoo!  They are awesome!
 Christmas....had a great family day...Abby still doesn't understand Christmas, but she had a happy day.  Just didn't like the big sisters waking her up at 6:30!
 This year the girls got, Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.....Steven insisted they need headlamps for camping and hiking!
 My sweet girl loves her matching puzzle game.  She uses this at OT and it helps her use both hands together, matching, and coordination!
 My handsome husband with his new Thunder shirt! We are Thunder obsessed!
Gracie and Emma got to pick out one doll together at the American girl store.  This was a sweet present from my grandpa! They did a great job working together, not fighting, and picking out Kit!  She looks like Emma with blue eyes and freckles across her nose.  We also had to get Kit's dog, Grace!   We surprised the girls by going to the American girl store in LA.  They were shocked and thrilled to be there!