Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here!

We rushed to Ada on Saturday to visit my sweet Grandma who is turning 98 in June.  She is doing fine, really healthy for her age, it is just sad to see her memory fade.....I remember having long talks with her and now its hard for her to hold a conversation.  :(  We had a good lunch with my cousin Megan and her fiance Brent, and then went to the park.  Ada has one of the best parks, its really pretty....and the girls had fun playing and running around!  I tried to get some good pics of all 3 of them, but this is the best I got..


Happy 5 month Birthday Abby!  I can't believe how big my baby is!

Sweet Gracie

Emma is a mess and she's hilarious!

The girls love playing at the park!  The only way I could get then to leave is to bribe them with ice cream!

Abby loves her Papa!

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