Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Abigail Faith is 8 months old!!




Abby is developing a darling personality the last few months....She loves to laugh at her big sisters...Abby is playing more with her toys.....She is FINALLY sitting up on her own ( I blame grandparents for holding her ALL THE TIME! ).....She loves to eat baby food, loves everything, especially yogurt melts and puffs!......Abby still likes to be held, and knows how to turn the crying on, and once you pick her up, she suddenly stops.....Abby does not like her carseat, but loves to ride in the stroller and go places....The carseat is making me nervous about our upcoming 24 hour car trip back to NC!  Abby has light brown hair, and beautiful big gray eyes....they are not blue or brown, but the prettiest shade of light gray....I love them and hope they don't change!

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