Sunday, October 26, 2008

6 months in North Carolina....

Can you believe we have lived here six months? The time has gone by soooo fast! We love it here, have made great friends, have an incredible church, and love our new house. It is still hard being away from family and friends in Oklahoma and I'm sure it won't get any better. I am excited about moving home during Steven's deployment.

I love this family picture. We went to the pumpkin patch at Mike's Farm with our Sunday school class, there was about 50 of us! They have the best home cooking, not weight watcher friendly, all you can eat family style. The best part was the macaroni and cheese, the best we had ever eaten, so when all of you come visit us, we will definitely have to take you there! Gracie loves seeing the "punkins"! We left Mike's Farm and drove to Virginia beach to stay with our friends Adam and Natina Gardner. We had a great time shopping at the outlets and hanging out with old friends. Steven even got to go deep sea fishing!

The following week our church had a Fall Festival with free food and games. The outdoor activities were cancelled because of nasty weather, but Gracie had a great time playing the games and decorating her "punkin".

Gracie and Daddy painting her pumpkin.

Gracie loves her little pumpkin which she always refers to as "Mama". Thanks a-lot Gracie!

Emma did really good, she was so happy just hanging out in her stroller. What a cutie!

Here are some sweet pictures of the girls. Emma loves to sit in Gracie's lap. Isn't the chair super cute?! Steven reupholstered this chair, I'm so impressed. We bought it for $5.00 at a garage sale, and he completely took it apart and researched how to upholster it. Doesn't it look fantastic? Gracie loves it!

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