Friday, February 6, 2009

Oklahoma Fun!

Gracie went down the slide all by herself for the first time and loved it.  She was cracking me up, by going down the slide feet first on her stomach, and you could hear her skin squealing all the way down. Her hair had a little static in it :).

Let me out!!

Yes, Lindsay and I climbed all the way to the top, I must say that the McDonald's on Mustang Rd. has the best indoor playplace for Mommies.

Riding the car at the commissary.....our kids normally do terrible at grocery stores, but when they had a friend...they did fabulous!

Sweet Korbin and Emma, I love Emma's hat....she was working it!

Emma is such a cheeseball!

Gracie and Kylie loved their mini ice cream cones.

I know its been awhile.....a long while, but our family has gone through some big changes the last few months. Steven is playing in the sandbox....and we have moved back to Oklahoma to be with our families so I can have help with the girls. I got a fabulous job, and our goal is to get rid of all of our debt in the next few months. I already paid off our TV and credit card, so all that's left is student loans and cars! Yeah! I am going to try to update this daily or every few days, mainly for my handsome hubby, so he can see what's going on with the girls. They are going to grow up so much in the next few months. Thursday, we went to McDonald's with my childhood best friend and her kiddos. We have been friends since we were 4 years old, and we are convinced our babies will marry someday so we will be family! :)

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