Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sesame Street, Cookies, Backyard Fun

Two Tinkerbells playing with their Daddy Doll! They think its hilarious. Gracie's favorite thing is to throw Daddy down the stairs, and yell "Sorry, Daddy, Are you okay?" and then just laugh! :)

Gracie loves dressing up, and is already talking about our trip to Disney World when Steven gets back!

Playing in the backyard, Emma is pretty much OBSESSED with this car, so much so, that my dad is constantly bringing it into the house! Gracie just shoved her little bum in the car, which Emma liked for about 30 seconds!

Emma and Grace loved making sugar cookies with Mom....Emma was absolutly covered in icing and sprinkles, and Gracie just had a few little spots on her cheek. How can we have one super clean kid, and one wild crazy kid who is always dirty!

Sesame Street Live....Pretty Fun, not sure if it was worth the money, but the girls had a good time....I personally, couldn't wait for it to be over, pretty annoying!

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