Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Ohio fun!

The Columbus zoo was incredible.  It reminded me of theme parks with all the different countries you could visit, and everything in that area was themed.  The girls loved it!  Their favorite was probably the polar bears.....there was an underground viewing area, and you could watch the polar bears play!  Pretty cool....Gracie liked the fact that they were sisters, and they liked to fight and wrestle like she and Emma play. :)  I love this picture of Steven holding his little girls!  So sweet!


The reptile house was really cool, the kiddos were pretty excited to pet the snake, until they actually got up to it.....even brave Emma was pretty scared!


Sweet Gracie!

Only family pic of our whole trip!  The weather was so and felt amazing for this pregnant lady! :)
IMG_2497 copy

Emma is obsessed with riding in strollers, which is good, I think.....She wanted to ride the WHOLE time, but then wanted out to see the animals....not too fun getting her in and out.

Little Emma, taken at a park in downtown Columbus.  We wanted to eat at the German restaurant featured in Man vs. Food, but the wait was over an we just bought some chocolates, and cream puffs and ate at a fabulous mexican restaurant.  Love this pic of Emma, too bad I had to crop Gracie out of all the pics....she was making weird faces! :)


Me and sad she moved away....She is one of those friends who after hanging out with her for a few days, I feel like I can be a better mom and wife....she teaches me so much!  Love ya Liz!

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