Saturday, March 10, 2012

Funny things the girls say....and more park fun!






We met a bunch of friends at the park this week, and the girls had a blast, they got filthy as usual, but love playing outside with friends.  So thankful that we live on base now, and I feel safe enough to let the kids play outside by themselves, with neighbor kids.  They have so much fun!

The girls are obsessed with playing hospital lately.  I was listening in to them play yesterday, and overheard Emma telling Gracie, "OK, Gracie you are the nurse, and I'll be the hospital this time."  They think a hospital is a person. :)  
Last saturday when I was running errands, Gracie was sitting on the couch watching TV with Steven.  She turned to Steven and said, "Daddy, I don't want any tattoos on me, but someday, I want to be the person to draw tattoos on people when I grow up."  Steven started cracking up, probably not the best thing to let your daughter watch Ink Master or NY Ink with you.

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