Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm back! Fun in Florida!

One of my goals for 2012, is to be a more consistent blogger.....for my husband who is going to be gone most of the spring and early summer, and my family in OK!  We went to Florida with my husband while he went to ASO school, and had a fabulous time!  His schedule was fantastic, 8-4....amazing, and now we are back to 12 hour days.... boo....but we enjoyed it while we could!  The best part of our trip was playing at the beach, visiting our old church and seeing great friends, and our trip to Disney World!  We ha such a great vacation, but I'm kind of sad that I didn't take more pictures, because now I want to see all of our great memories, but at the time, I really wanted to just enjoy our children and the precious family time....which we did....7 days at Disney World....and every minute was fantastic!  Here a just a few fun pics from Florida!





IMG_1473bwLove this sweet pic of Abby hugging up to her Daddy!  She loves him!

 We played at many parks in Pensacola, the weather was beautiful, mid 70's and Steven was actually home before dark, so he even joined us some days!

 Daddy's Girls!
 Abby loves her sisters!

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