Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten


I can't believe my baby is in Kindergarten!  She is absolutely loving school.  We are excited that she got into a mulit- age classroom, with kids in K,1st, 2nd grade.  Since we held her back, I'm excited that she will be challenged academically but we still want to keep her in the kindergarten class for developmental age.  Her favorite part of school are the specials....PE, Art, Music, Spanish....but really she loves everything.  Gracie has been telling me all the questions she answers in class, so I think she is doing great in a class with older kids!  The best part of going to school on base is that she gets to ride the bus, and she loves it!!! I love being able to stay in my pj's when she goes to school!

IMG_3034env IMG_3046tt

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