Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Day of Pre K

My sweet Emma is in Pre - K.  Her favorite part is riding the bus......she loves riding the bus with her sister in the morning, and home with our neighbor who is in her class too!  The problem with Pre-K is that its only 8:30-10:50, so with recess and snack time, I don't know how much learning is going on...but she still really enjoys school even if its more social time! :)  One project she did last week was a  "Wemberly Worries" worksheet.  They read this really cute book at school, then she had to color a picture, and her teacher wrote what Emma worries about.... "Emma worries that her sister will get stung by a bee."  She is so random.......but its so sweet that she is always thinking about her sister!  I am so impressed with their school, which is another reason why we love living on base!

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