Monday, February 4, 2013

Back to blogging! Before and After Pics!

I'm back to blogging, going to use this post to keep myself accountable with meal planning and workouts of the week!

Since Septemeber, I have been using My Fitness Pal to help lose some unwanted pounds! This tool is fantastic, it really helps with being aware of mindless eating that I was doing, and planning your healthy food choices! I would recommend this to everybody....super easy, and free!

look how little and sweet Gracie was.....she still is little and sweet

after....minus about 50 lbs from the before pic..I feel like a new person!
We also have changed our diet to Paleo ish.....clean eating diet, and loving how we are feeling!  I'm giving Abby and my big girls, as much nutrient dense food that I can, along with supplements to try to help her with brain development.  Some of the theories on why the diet GF/CF and high nutrient diet works, is that it helps them focus, clear the head, heal the gut, so they can get more out of conventional autism therapies.  I really think the diet makes a huge difference!  Our healthy lifestyle change is really all about health, but the bonus is that I have lost weight, and feel so much better about myself.  I've lost 20 pounds since Sept, and 60 since my highest post pregnancy weight.   

I'm going to try to post some meal ideas every week, so we can be more prepared...I would much rather eat healthy food at home, and even if it may be a little more at the grocery store, you can easily save by not eating out!!

Meal Planning:
M - leftovers, with sweet potato fries baked, salad, fruit salad
T - Chicken, bell pepper kabobs, chicken sausage for the girls, green beans, and fruit
W- breakfast for dinner at church, eggs/bacon/sausage, I will have to resist the biscuit :)
Thurs-BBQ chicken pizza on sweet potato crust, big salad, fruit
Fri-potato/kale soup....saw a good recipe
Sat - Dinner out
Sun- leftovers!

Workouts: Love, doing her winter shape up week 2....moving the schedule around some since I was sick on Sunday
Sun: Rest
Mon: TAC with Amy at TT....killed me
Tues:Workout #2 + Elliptical HIIT
Wed: Rest
Thurs: Workout #2 + Hills
Fri: Tabata class if I can get Abby into CDC or Insanity DVD
Sat: Workout #2 + Treadmill HIIT + Ab Burner

Love all her workouts, I've pinned a ton of them! 
Going to try to post weekly to keep myself accountable!

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louwho78 said...

You look amazing...wonder if there is a picture of you and I before the babies, and then now... that's like almost 130 lbs gone, like a whole person! Keep up the hard work, you're an inspiration for all you are doing to change your whole family's lifestyle and give Abby all the help she can get! Super-momma!