Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fav: Oct. 25th

These are things I want to remember about the girls this week....

Emma: Can God do the splits? 

Emma: If the tooth fairy is real, did God make her parents?

Emma: "Sorry mom, the scissors accidently closed on my hair."

Mom: Did you know Juliana is moving in 3 weeks?
Emma: Yes, she's moving to Georgia.
Gracie: Not Georgia, Emma, Japan
Emma: Well I knew it started with a J.... :)

      Abby asked her first question this week.....this is a huge milestone!  Abby is great at requesting items...I want ___. Can I have ____.  Can you __?  and she can label items....I see ___, It's a ___.  She has never asked, What is it? Where is it? Who is it?  basic questions a toddler will this is a huge milestone that she asked, "Where's Junior?" when looking for her veggie tale figurine.  She was looking around for it, and asking appropriately. So excited to see her gain a piece of language puzzle. 

     She also had a great day today in ABA.  She got a Little People play yard set, and took her Lalaloopsy across the bridge, through the tunnel, down the slide, and with no prompting, picked up her doll and put it in the swing and said, She's swinging!  Huge!! Pretend play is super hard for Abby, she doesn't understand it, she doesn't watch other kids do it, it is not motivating for her at all.  In fact, she usually screams and tantrums when we are trying to get her to pretend it is amazing that she was initiating pretend play tonight on her own! So exciting!

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