Friday, January 29, 2010

Amazing Friends!

We are loving life in Jacksonville. We go to First Baptist Church, one of the fastest growing churches in America, and we love it! Through our Sunday school class/small group, we have made such incredible friends.....not just for me and Steven, but our girls too. I walk in the mornings usually 2-4 days a week with Sara and her daughters Bailey and Taylor, and we get a lot of good girl time. It makes that hour of working out fly by! Gracie and Emma also have their best friends Drew and Hunter, a.k.a., their future husbands......we see them 3-4 days a week, Liz and I are pretty good friends too. I'm trying not to think about them moving in May, it makes me too sad. We have made so many incredible friendships, especially since we have been home in August, that I can't imagine living anywhere else. We love Steven's squadron, HMLA 167. Over the last few months, we have grown closer to the other couples in his squadron, and the other wives are really fun. Everybody is always up for a party! Our heart is in Jacksonville, and we honestly have grown to love it here, which is really weird to think about, knowing how much I despised it when we first moved here. God has honestly changed my heart!

Fun times at Mike's Farm. Seriously the yummiest food I have ever eaten! I dream about the mac and cheese.......
Small group 80's Halloween Party, Steven and I went as prom king and queen!
Some of our best friends, David and Tyler Stowe.....this picture cracks me up!
We had a great time at the USMC Birthday Ball this year!
Steven's buddies/fellow pilots in HMLA 167. Best Friends Forever! :)

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