Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bundled up at the Living Nativity!

We had a great time at the FBC Living Nativity.... It was pretty cold, so we bundled up, and the girls loved wearing warm hats.  Gracie's head is so big, that she had to wear my hat...which she thought was pretty cool.


Emma was devastated she couldn't ride the stroller and had to walk all away around the wasn't that Daddy ended up carrying her most of the way!

Gracie and Emma love the story of baby Jesus.....I think they can relate because they remember me pregnant and then having baby Abigail..... Too bad we lost baby carrot Jesus out of our Veggie Tale Nativity set. :(

Sweet baby Abigail in her Eore costume from Halloween....Its the only thing that will fit her, and its super warm!

Sweet Gracie and Mommy!

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