Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa....


The girls visited Santa on Camp Lejeune last Sunday!  They were super excited, and Steven and I were excited that the pictures were free!  I should have brought my camera, because the quality of the pics are horrible.. but the girls had fun anyway.... baby Abigail wasn't too thrilled, and Gracie trying to get closer to Santa, knocked over the big bucket of candy canes.....but, that's typical of one of our days! :)  Doesn't Santa look sooo happy to be there. :)

Also, I had to fill out 3 "letters to Santa" which was a permission slip to take the pictures, and on Gracie's I quickly put she wanted a dolly, books, and a leapster.  Gracie asked me what I was writing, and I told her, and now every time someone asks her what she wants for Christmas, she says a dolly, books, and a leapster....she has no idea what a leapster is.....that girl cracks me up!  Grammy and I got her and Em leapsters, because after losing our i touch, I'm terrified that they will lose our i phones, and I would rather them lose/break a $30 leapster than our i phones.

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Gaffney said...

Santa looks like he needs a pint of rum nog. Love the holiday pictures.